Gvahim`s Mission

Gvahim provides highly-qualified new immigrants to Israel with the training, mentoring, networking and placement tools they need to secure jobs at the level of their qualifications, professional experience and career goals.

That way, highly-qualified Olim stay in Israel, enjoy a successful Aliyah and contribute maximally to the Israeli economy, society and culture.

Gvahim – Helping highly qualified olim fulfill their professional goals in Israel
During the past ten years, a growing number of talented professionals from different countries (United States, France, Great Britain, and Canada mainly) have decided to make aliyah and develop their professional career in Israel. The Gvahim project’s mission is to encourage this trend and ensure that graduates from American and European Universities, with or without professional experience, find positions fitting their qualifications, thus fully expressing their talents in the Israeli marketplace.

Since its launching in March 2006, Gvahim has offered its participants different types of services designed to promote their professional success in Israel: individual support, professional workshops and networking through the project’s networks. Gvahim is a joint initiative of the Rashi Foundation and of a group of Israeli business leaders including Elie Ayalon, President of DSPG, Sami Friedrich, President of Shaldor and Yair Shamir, President of the Israeli Aircraft Industry.

The AMI Association and the Association of French Alumni in Israel (AAEGE-Israel) have been leading partners of the projects from its start. Nefesh B` Nefesh and Israemploy recently joined the project, helping Gvahim reach non-French speaking highly qualified olim.

Career Development support 

The process includes:

– Consultation with a human resources specialist including adapting the curriculum vitae to the Israeli market, preparation for interviews and provision of useful tips for effective job searching.

– Individual support by an Israeli professional: definition of career plan and objectives, advice and network development

Professional workshops

The workshops provide Gvahim’s participants with skills and knowledge useful for their job search: an overview of the Israeli market and of specific sectors, meetings with Israeli business leaders, visits to Israeli leading companies, tips for salary negotiation and more.


Gvahim’s professional networks – the Financial network, the Marketing & Communication network, the Technology and Industry network and the Non Profit and Public Sector Network –were established by leading volunteers of the Gvahim Project as a platform where Israeli professionals link up with highly qualified olim.

The networks provide its members with new knowledge horizons and career development opportunities.

They also enable sharing of information and best practices, as well as personalized communication between professionals involved in common areas of activities.

Connecting the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of Israeli professionals with the skills, global know-how and strong motivation of highly qualified olim will create fresh thinking and new projects that will impact the Israeli economy.

Gvahim in figures

Through its intensive career development program, Gvahim has provided individual support to
more than 400 qualified Olim coming from over 20 different countries.

One year after joining Gvahim’s Career Development Program, 70% of participants work in
high quality positions that match their qualifications.