British Friends of Gesher

Gesher closes the gap between secular, religious and ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel, and promotes our shared heritage as the force which can hold us together. Meaning ‘Bridge’ in Hebrew, Gesher has refined a unique educational approach that confronts our differences, fosters commitment to Jewish identity and builds skills for a shared future.

Gesher has dedicated its work for more than 40 years to bridging the gaps between different segments of Israeli society, so that together they can develop an identity that reflects a shared commitment to Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Gesher’s innovative programs impact upon the current and future leadership of Israel – infusing Israel’s youth, army, police force, communities and the public at large with Jewish values and culture and by advancing a vibrant and inclusive vision of Judaism. Our dynamic, often life-changing educational and cultural programs create and strengthen Jewish Identity where it is lacking and open up eyes and minds that may have been closed. In facilitating dialogue and mediation between Jews of all kinds of backgrounds, we have reached and affected over 1 million Jews since Gesher’s founding.

As articulated profoundly by Gesher’s Founder and President Emeritus, Dr. Danny Tropper:
“Our Jewish identity, which should serve to unite the diverse Jewish people in Israel, has instead been the cause of a deep rift between communities. This split has resulted in anger and alienation and is tearing the nation apart. Healing the rift can only come by way of enlightened Jewish education that can become the common denominator for genuine dialogue between different sectors of the nation.”

The work of Gesher’s dedicated team has a ripple effect that reaches beyond the boundaries of Israel into the Jewish world at large, fostering a Jewish identity which forms a bond that unites us, rather than a wall that divides us.