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The ride from the shore of the Sea of the Galilee is exhilarating. The blue water plays peek-a-boo with you as you pass through low valleys that run through rolling hills. Finally, you step off the bus at the Biblical Gardens.


The Educational Biblical Garden in the Galilee

The concept of the Educational Biblical Garden is distinctive. The garden will educate and provoke thought about key biblical events and personalities. The pastoral setting, combined with beautiful sculptures, high-tech access to the thematic material and intriguing workshops will create an atmosphere that is timely, educational and inspirational.

Overall, the Biblical Garden is divided into 10 sections. Each section highlights a Biblical theme, which is expressed in three ways: (1) The flowers and plants in the section. (2) An artistic representation of the themes. (3) Computer workstations where visitors can access thematic material.

At the end of the Garden path is an area where each group of visitors will participate in special workshops. When making their reservation to see the Garden, visitors will choose from workshops that feature creative-artistic activities, slide shows, lectures, and study sessions. There will also be special workshops for children.

Here is a summary of what  you as a visitor will experience in the Garden. Please click of the links to read more about each Garden section.

1. The Creation is the opening theme of the Garden.

2. The Garden of Eden evokes the culmination of creation in all of its original lushness. A unique sculpture, “Let there be light,” reflects creation and rebirth. At the computer workstations that line the hedge near the entrance, visitors will explore the theme of “Time.”

3. Noah’s ark. Aged olive trees dot the area, calling to mind the flight of the dove that returned to Noah with the message that the waters had receded and the Earth was once again ready to be inhabited. The interactive computer programs present the theme of the brotherhood of mankind.

4. Abraham’s tent welcomes visitors just as Abraham did so long ago. The computer program strikes the theme of “interpersonal relations.”

5. The Binding of Isaac. One of the Bible’s most dramatic episodes: Dedication to God is the theme of this section.

6. An artistic tribute to the twelve tribes of Israel dominates the fourth garden. The intertwined themes of the twelve tribes are diversity and unity.

7. Ten Commandments The path leads to the river Nile, as you follow Jacob and his children in their travels down to Egypt to be reunited with Joseph. Follow the path and cross the parted waters of the Red Sea with the Israelites as they exit from Egypt and head toward Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments.

8. The Land of Israel Traverse the stone ruins of the walls of Jericho and enter The Land of Israel, Eretz Yisrael. This section highlights the Biblical motif of “each shall recline beneath his grape vine and his fig tree.” At the computer workstations, discover a dramatic retelling of the flowering of the biblical Jewish nation in their homeland as well as the return to Zion in the twentieth century.

9. King David and the Psalms, together, are the focus of this section of the Garden. Aside from the artistic presentation, visitors are welcomed to explore the religious music throughout the ages assisted by the computers.

10. Meditation Center The final garden section is a Meditation Center with a spectacular, panoramic view of the Sea of the Galilee, its shores dotted with ancient cities, historical sites, modern kibbutzim and the blue-grey mountains that frame it.

The dramatic, biblical garden is geared to all people of faith. The content will initially be displayed in English and in Hebrew, with other languages to follow over time.

In a broader sense, the biblical garden allows visitors from around the world the ability to connect with the Bible and with the Land of Israel.


At present, the Gardens of the Galilee is in the planning stages. The Garden will be located in the hills overlooking the Sea of the Galilee, the Kinneret.“Walk through the Future” with this 1 minute & 42 Second video and take a peak at the plans for the Garden.