Fundraising bike ride for TeamBloodGlucose

There is a global rise in the instances of all types of diabetes. Type 1, an autoimmune condition, is increasing at an alarming rate, commonly first appearing in childhood but now increasingly seen in adults too.

Type 2 diabetes is also increasing at a rapid rate. Historically type 2 would appear in older adults, but with the increase in risk factors like obesity, type 2 diabetes is on the rise in children and young adults.
Key Areas of Work:

1.Helping people with diabetes participate in sports and exercise through our training camps and events.

2.Helping with the delivery of education for people with diabetes, sports coaches and healthcare professionals.

3.Developing and seeking support for patient leadership through participation in events and partnership working.

4.Ensuring strong patient and public support for the goals and ambitions of TeamBG

5.Creating and participating in events that are inclusive and available to all people with diabetes.

Mission: TeamBG inspires people with, and those at risk of diabetes to achieve their sports and exercise goals, to educate people with diabetes of the benefits of sports and exercise and to equip them with the tools to achieve their goals.
“Our vision is a world where people don’t die from diabetes”
Designed to Move TeamBG’s flagship event for 2013