Friends of the Neve Kineret Ram Homes




Friends of the Neve Kineret-Ram Homes


The Hurt People we serve  


Large Disabled Population of Children and Adults, from the North of Israel – who Suffers from Mental and Physical Retardation – Finds warm Homes at Neve Kineret and Neve Ram Boarding Institutes, since following their Brain Damage Hurt, either were abandoned at Hospitals or their Families could not take care of them.

Syndromes and Illnesses that can be found among the Homes Residents are: Down Syndrome, CP,  Autism – at all levels – and several Handicaps.

Daily budget is not sufficient to take care of their Rehabilitation – a factor that makes the difference between to “just live” and “living the life”.   And that is why we were decisive to establish our NPO at July 2001- 9 Members active voluntarily –  to reach out and search the world to find grants in order to be able to help the residents live the life. Among us, Relatives of the Homes Residents, Public Officials and Members of our Staff.

We are largely aware of the Lack of Means available and seek any helpful assistance for the benefit of these Children and Adults – whose starting point at life is so complicated.


Our Mission and its Fulfillment


In order to fulfill our mission, we Plan and Execute “to the point” Projects – at the purpose to address the Special Needs of the Disabled Children and Adults in order to provide Rehabilitation care and elevate them beyond their Disabilities.

Some selected Executed Projects in Both Homes: Establishing Treatment Hydrotherapic Pool and Physiotherapy Center, Therapeutic Zoo, Snoezelen Rehabilitation Room a Computer Study Class, Purchasing Physiotherapy Equipment, Purchasing Medical Equipment and Communication Devises and the Establishment of Regional Modern Medical and Dental Clinic, Rehabilitation Outdoor Fitness Playground and Renovating a Snoezelen Room for Hurt Infants.

The progress that the Infants, Children and Adults achieve in every project and the improvement in quality of life that every project like this brings is incredible and fills the word MITZVA with significant meaning