Enosh, the Israeli nonprofit Mental Health Association, was founded in 1978 by a group of families, volunteers and professionals.

The declared mission is to promote mental health issues for individuals dealing with a psychiatric disability and their families, provide rehabilitation services and support during the recovery process, help improve functioning skills in order to live as independently as possible in the community; and fight stigma.

Enosh received the President’s Volunteer Award for its devoted work and an Appreciation Certificate from the Minister of Health.

Enosh is managed by a Board of Directors composed of elected members who are volunteers, family members and professionals.

Enosh operates 55 centers all over the country, providing a variety of services to 5,000 people.

Enosh has 625 paid employees from various disciplines mostly social workers and psychologists as well as counselors, mentors, therapists, educators, clinicians, instructors.

In addition, 800 volunteers provide an important element in all the branches. Together, they provide a rehabilitation service package which is implemented in the community.

The Ministry of Health provides 90% of the budget, funding services per number of participants in each project. In addition, Enosh engages in fund raising, organizing gala evenings, bazaars, sponsorships, donations and many other activities.


Our mission:

Þ     To promote awareness of mental health issues and improve quality of life for people dealing with psychiatric disability and their families.

Þ     To initiate, create and maintain quality services in the community, focusing on best practice recovery and well being of the individuals.

Þ     To provide support in the process of rehabilitation and recovery according to individual needs and abilities.


Þ     To emphasize prevention and advocacy, fight stigma and discrimination on an ongoing basis .



 Rehabilitation Services:

Þ     Supported Housing.

Þ     Vocational Rehabilitation.

Þ     Social Rehabilitation.

Þ     Holidays in the country and abroad.

Þ     Mentoring.

Þ     Family counseling and support.

Þ     Continuing education programs.

Þ     Eligibility for rehabilitation services is determined by the Regional Rehabilitation Committee (Sal Shikum), requiring a minimum of 40% psychiatric disability. Referrals can be made by professional staff, by a family member or by the person him/herself. Some services are available by private payment.


Enosh operates 55 branches throughout the country, serving about 5,000 people. Each branch provides a variety of services.