ELEM – Youth in Distress

ELEM was founded in 1981 by a group of volunteers from Israel and the United States in order to help youth-atrisk become productive citizens, contributing to the society and the nation.

Over the years ELEM expanded its programs for youth at risk, advancing the following activities:
• Developing as a national organization engaged in providing a wide range of services and programs for adolescents, especially in the fields of counseling, outreach and prevention.
• Fortifying its volunteer activities and establishing itself as an organization that not only acts on the behalf of youth, but also incorporates an actively involved youth force.
• Advancing innovative programs and initiatives in the field of treating and assisting youth at risk, along with fostering a deep commitment to help and treat teens in states of alienation, risk and severe and ongoing neglect.
• Developing bodies of knowledge, innovative methods and intervention approaches and activities to bring about a perceptual and theoretical change in the youth service system in Israel.
• Expanding the organization based on the infrastructure afforded by dozens of active branches throughout Israel, which serve as community support frameworks for operating youth programs.