Chasdei Naomi


Chasdei Naomi is one of Israel’s oldest and most respected nonprofit organizations, and one of the country’s leading welfare provision organizations. Every month, we distribute food parcels to over 10,000 families, at dozens of distribution points from throughout Israel. We are proud to say that over the past 28 years, we have made a real difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Israel.

Chasdei Naomi was founded in 1984 by Rabbi Yosef Cohen. While sending his small children to school, he noticed that there were children arriving with torn schoolbags and worn out clothing and he was deeply disturbed by this sight and felt badly for those families.

By himself, Rabbi Cohen, went door to door, collecting food products and distributed them to the poor families that he came in contact with. Seeing his personal example, soon dozens of volunteers joined Rabbi Cohen. Eventually the food they collected overflowed their capacity, and so, with the help of donors in Israel and in the US, Rabbi Cohen built refrigerated storage warehouses, and throughout the country installed now-iconic mobile collection points for non-perishable goods.

Today, Chesdei Naomi supports over 10,000 families from throughout Israel, and is supported by a veritable army of 15,000 (!) volunteers throughout the country.

Chasdei Naomi’s projects extend beyond food aid. Chasdei Naomi runs a program that provides entertainment for hospitalized children (Lev Naomi). Clothing and footwear are provided for needy families. Special projects are carried out for Rosh Hashanah and the other major Jewish holidays so needy families can celebrate along with the rest of Israel. Orphaned and needy brides and grooms can have weddings at little cost in one of Chasdei Naomi’s four wedding halls (Armonot Chen).

The details of the reduced payment or exemption from payment are arranged discreetly in the offices of Chasdei Naomi, meaning that guests who arrive at the hall cannot know whether a particular wedding is being subsidized, and the dignity of the celebrants is retained.