The Bematana association’s mission is to promote young leaders who are selected for student and youth councils in Israel.

The organization was founded from the understanding of the graduates and their worldview that there is great importance and contribution in ” the student and youth councils” as a body which gives values and leadership skills and team representative. The basic concept of the association is that the student and youth councils are now “cushion growth” of young leaders, while so they provide the necessary tools and value leader and modern democratic era.

The association works closely with the leadership of the student and youth councils in the country (the national student and youth council and the provincial student and youth councils), and helps them in a variety of projects and measures, such as project mentors “big brother”, grants founds (on an economic or excellently basis) and other projects.

Association members (students, soldiers, academic and professionals) assist student and youth councils in various professional fields required for their activities: speaking, campaigns and public relations, legal counsel, external relations and international relations, development and training.

Members of the organization are an active part in conferences and professional seminars, of the student and youth councils, and leading a major part in preserving knowledge, and training content design the next generation.
There are About 25 members of general assembly and another 30 which co-workers on a regular basis. In addition, the association has a connection with hundreds of graduates of the project of the student and youth councils.

The association elected five members to lead its activities on behalf of the Assembly and act according to the approved work plan once a year.The association operates in accordance with the Law of Associations, orders of the Registrar of Associations, and association rules. The association defined and consists of volunteers.

Bematana Association is one of the main organizers in “take the lead” international youth conferences.

The organization was founded by graduates of the “Students and Youth Council of Israel.” (A national project to promote young Youth Leadership Sponsored by Department of Social Education in the Ministry of Education, and Its work was recognized and honored officials in Israel, including Israeli Parliament, local government, etc).