Established in 1995, Be-Atzmi (in Hebrew: on my own) is an Israeli NGO that assists thousands of unemployed and underprivileged men and women every year to integrate, on their own, into stable and appropriate workforce opportunities. The organization implements 7 different employment assistance programs in over 90 locations throughout Israel, with a focus on social and geographic peripheries. Be-Atzmi’s target audiences include single-mothers, young adults, 45+, ultra-orthodox Jews, Arabs, new immigrants, ex-convicts and others.

With the help of our programs, thousands of men and women are able to initiate change in their lives, improve the welfare of their families and earn a livelihood that enables them to break free from the cycle of poverty and dependence. We are proud to have a success rate in which two of every three program graduates integrates into the workforce and/or professional training courses.

How does it work? Over the course of a year, participants receive comprehensive and intensive guidance that includes both individualized and group-based coaching, as well as the provision of practical tools needed to integrate into the workforce (job-hunting skills, professional training, etc.). Our programs also provide the necessary tools for successful household finance management. Participation in Be-Atzmi’s programs results in long-term, significant change that continues to positively influence participants’ lives long after they have completed our programs.

In working with many diverse target audiences, Be-Atzmi recognizes the unique needs of each community and adapts its program models accordingly. Our vast experience in the field of employment provides us with the knowledge and understanding needed to export our program methodologies to other countries around the world. As such, we can leverage our organizational know-how in order to assist other nations in their efforts to integrate underprivileged communities into the local workforce.