Bayt Cham

“Bayt Cham” is as its name defines: a warm home extending a caressing hand to wonderful children whose health condition requires complicated, supportive treatment.

“Bayt Cham” is not an institution and not a hospital – it’s a true home for special children. Children who were abandoned by their parents and children being cared for by their parents.

“Bayt Cham” it’s a converging center for all the marvelous people who do everything to materialize the right of children with special requirements to receive the utmost that science and human feelings can provide.

The “Bayt Cham” Association helps families from all over the Country. As only natural, being located in Haifa, it helps a lot to residents of Haifa and the north without any difference by origin, nationality or religion: children come to “Bayt Cham” from Jewish, Druze and Arab families.

At “Bayt Cham” the treatment is: warmth and love! For children for whom up to today the only available framework were hospitals. These are children who will need intensive care and treatment during all their lives.

At “Bayt Cham” we put at their disposal all the most modern equipment along with a team of superb specialists – to have them feel better according to their individual, specific needs and Possibilities. The difference resides in the family environment and human warmth in a place that’s only theirs and for them.

At “Bayt Cham” we care for the children’s adequate professional follow-up all along, with supporting groups who guide the families caring for them at home – “Bayt Cham” thus allowing them to take active part in the treatment.

“Bayt Cham” facilitates to parents of children with special needs to go out on vacations allowing them to rest a little bit – knowing that their children are at a safe and pleasant place where they receive individual, personal treatment – loving and professional at the same time.

“Bayt Cham” it’s also the address for the families when legal assistance is the matter – as well as costly medicines, special food, medical equipment and tools, all of invaluable help for families under so heavy an economic burden.

More than once, such families receive from us medicines at no cost and can receive on a non-cost lease arrangement medical instrumentation and equipment. “Bayt Cham” also assists the families in the intricacies of the bureaucratic system, i.e. the various authorities, National Insurance, Health-care organizations, etc.

The “Bayt Cham” team – includes, among others, social workers, children’s doctors, professional nurses, clinical communications professionals, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. The available services include a Snoezelen room (for multi-senses experiences), a hydrotherapy treatment pool, music room, learning rooms, etc.

 Bayt Cham” is located in a building especially adapted for the special needs of these children, to provide them both a warm environment and effectiveness in all aspects of the treatments – but, due to its limited size and much to our deepest regret, it still does not provide the adequate answers for all the children and their families.

At “Bayt Cham” we do believe that each and every child has the natural right to an honorable life, to receive the very best and the most adequate to his particular condition and to feel warmth and love. Also you can help us to provide such to our special children!

Please help us to realize the motto:

“Let’s allow another child to breathe and to smile”

And so our dream is to erect a special hospital for these children in the North may become a reality…