Atid LaHaim

The Atid Lahaim Association is a humanitarian organization, which assists children and adults sick with cancer, the disabled as well as the nervous system- and brain-impaired to overcome situations of physical or spiritual stress. It acts to improve the quality of life of patients during periods of hospitalization and arduous treatment, while striving to advance the science of medicine and to save lives in the State of Israel. Among its members are many parents of children afflicted with cancer.

The Association is a non-profit organization registered with the Registrar of Associations as required by law and is not supported by any government bodies.

The Association is voluntary-based and its budget is made up of donations by the public.

Organizing excursions, summer camps, cultural and sports events: Atid Lahaim
regularly organizes excursions all over Israel, fun days, birthday parties and summer camps for patients who enjoy treats like jeep trips, sailing, flying over the country, Omega hook glides, paragliding, horse riding, trekking, rappelling, diving, bungee jumping, snow skiing, cliff climbing, target shooting, creative and entertaining workshops, theater and shows, meals, etc., etc… The aim of these activities is to give the patients confidence that they can do anything healthy kids can do.
According to the medical view, these and other enjoyments make an important contribution towards the success of the treatment and the healing process.

Making a dream come true – fulfilling the “heart’s desire” of the patients during the difficult period of their sickness. The aim is to fulfill patients’ wishes they only dared to dream about, such as meeting a personality the child admires, visiting the Euro-Disney park in France, etc., thereby bestowing hours of happiness and strengthening the child’s hope that success is within reach.

Assistance with financing the medical/surgical treatment abroad:
The program is intended for difficult and complicated medical cases, which cannot be properly treated in Israel.

The aim is to enable patients to receive the best treatment by the world’s leading medical authorities and thereby significantly improve their chances of healing and recovery.

Socio-economical assistance to patients and their families:

Atid Lahaim assists families all over Israel regardless of race, religion or nationality. This assistance benefits families facing economic and spiritual hardship. During the critical periods of the child’s sickness, the family suffers serious loss of self-assurance due to the breakdown of the family’s routines, feelings of threat, worry and anxiety relating to the loss of a most beloved being. In these difficult periods, Atid Lahaim supports the family and the patient, awakens in them hope for a better future and instills in the patient the belief and the strength to fight, to recover and to win.

Additional activities
1.Provision of personal computers to patients and the disabled.
2.Financing physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and therapeutic sport treatments.
3.Assistance to medical institutions engaged in the treatment, rehabilitation and welfare of patients.