Amutat Re’ut

REUT – Community Mental Health Organization

Reut (meaning Friendship) is  registered non-profit making organization (No 58-027-320-9). Was established in 1995 with the support of the Richmond Fellowship International, JDC – Israel, the Ministry of Health and senior mental health professionals. Reut develops and maintains a range of rehabilitative services in the community for individuals with psychiatric disabilities.

What can Reut offer?
An alternative to psychiatric hospitalization continuum of rehabilitative services within the community. Quality of life and the opportunity for individual growth.

What services does Reut provide?

  • Occupational Clubs
  • Hostels
  • Sheltered Housing
  • Supporting Communities
  • Mentoring and Supported Academic Education
  • Training Centers
  • Supported Employment

For people in need of an organized group living situation. Each hostel is unique, with a warm and homelike atmosphere. The residents are responsible for their individual needs, make important decisions in weekly
residents’ meetings and in some cases manage the household independently with the guidance of the professional staff.

Therapeutic support – individual and group meetings geared to the specific needs of the residents.

Vocational guidance – assistance with job placement, job counselling and ongoing contact with employers.

Recreational opportunities – arts and sports activities, trips holiday celebrations and more…

Community services – connected to neighborhood facilities and community centers, health facilities ,banking and postal services, grocery and shops.

Reut’s multi-diciplinary staff maintains the highest professional standards. The staff includes medical professionals social workers occupational therapist, paramedical professionals and others. Each staff member receives professional supervision.

What they have to say…

“You have done a great thing… I was stuck for many years in the hospital without any hope at all”

“It was like Exodus from Egypt! I didn’t belive that it was possible” … “This year I am not sad on Passover because this is my new house; and there is no hostel smell”., “Even the dishes are special; I am afraid that this dream will end”

“I look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday when my “helper” (staff member) comes. We prepare a meal, clean the “house or just chat. I talk about my still unfulfilled dreams and my hopes for the future.”