Amichai- Amutat Mishpachot L`Yeladim Harigim in Israel

Amichai, a non-profit Israeli association caring for the welfare of people with special needs, was established in 1994 in the town of Hod Ha’Sharon by parents of children with severe developmental disabilities.

Contending with an acute scarcity of services for this special needs population, who require a greater level of support in the areas of cognitive, vocational, social and functional life skills, Amichai and its services have and are creating a supportive all-inclusive environment that strives to address the needs of the entire life cycle of its target population. This ranges from early childhood, through school years to adolescence, through maturity and old age, based on principles of full inclusion in normative society, leading our special needs children towards meaningful and fulfilling lives. Its motto is: “LIVING EQUALLY WITH THE DIFFERENCE

In nearly 20 years, Amichai has launched a long line of activities and innovative social participation programs, including:

  • 10 leisure activity centers in Central Israel: Cities of Hod Ha’Sharon, Petach Tikvah, Kfar Saba and their environs.
  • 50 annual highly successful weekend respite programs (for special needs children, infants within the Autistic spectrum and teens with complex-multiple-disabilities);
  • 6 annual summer (and over the religious holidays) activity camps;
  • Activities for Infant development;
  • Activities for after-school leisure & life skills;
  • Ongoing activities for children within the spectrum;
  • 3 inclusive community apartment/group homes in Hod Ha’Sharon (with 18 adults), for men/women with severe mental and physical disabilities;
  • Employment center for adults
  • Social participation activities, including: elementary and high schools involvement, youth movements, IDF volunteering, community correctional work programs for convicted offenders,, senior citizens involvement, residential and cultural programs and major volunteering and education activities within the community, joint programs with other NPOs

Since its inception, Amichai has served more than 1,000 children, adolescents and adults, providing health, leisure, employment and residence support, impacting thousands more of first-degree families and their extended families, enriching the lives of hundreds of volunteers, and influencing the social attitudes of thousands of young school students, individuals and educational settings for the public to accept and include people with special needs as equal members of society.

Our Vision

We envisage a society that provides high-quality, inclusive, accessible and integrative services to all people with special needs throughout their lifetime, regardless of age or level of disability; enabling each individual to progress toward social participation, involvement, equality & self-fulfillment, as equal member in the community.

Our Goals

  • Create a continuum of targeted community services that will cover the entire life span of people with special needs, from infancy to old age
  • Promote the inclusion of people with special needs in the community, by creating and supporting multiple diverse activities, to assure social participation and involvement of people with special needs among the surrounding neighborhoods and daily life activities
  • Promote social participation and public acceptance of those who are different