About Us

Who we are

Achiya provides educational and developmental intervention for children with learning disabilities who are learning in a regular educational framework. Although we serve all Israeli children, our programs cater to the Haredi population.

Our philosophy is that it is easier to resolve a problem before it becomes a crisis.  In providing these children with the tools they need to succeed in life, we prevent them from dropping out of school, becoming social outcasts, or worse. To put it simply, Achiya saves children before they need to be saved. 

Our four pronged approach is unique:

Changing the educational system: Achiya’s Teachers’ Training College was the first teachers’ training program for Haredi men to introduce special education courses. We also have an Educational Counseling B.A. program in collaboration with the Bar Ilan University. Our 3,000 graduates have changed the Talmud Torah (i.e. Ultra-orthodox schools for boys) educational system in Israel and another 1,700 students presently studying in the college’s 14 branches throughout Israel will soon join them.

Identifying children who need helpIn 2012, our early childhood outreach programs screened over 3,400 children for signs of learning disabilities, ADHD and developmental delays. More than 600 children took part in direct intervention in the schools.

Multidisciplinary treatment centers In 2012,  Achiya’ s Bnei Brak and Elad Learning and Developmental Centers serviced over 2,300 children  providing over 35,000 private sessions of professional therapy and/or specialized remedial tutoring.

Raising awareness in the communityAchiya is raising awareness to the needs and abilities of children who are diverse learners through parenting workshops, workshops for Talmud Torah teachers and principals, support groups for parents of ADHD children and a counseling hotline.

Our main partners: Ministries of Education, Health and Welfare, The NII and its Foundations for children at risk and development for invalids , Israeli Foundations, the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, The Bernard van Leer Foundation.

In 2012:

2,300 children received treatment in the Achiya centers

3,400 children participated in Achiya’s intervention programs in kindergartens and schools

35,000 individual treatments were given to children in the Achiya centers

1,700 students attended Achiya’s Teachers’ Training College

At Achiya, children Learn That You Can….