Midreshet HaGolan

Midreshet Hagolan — Reviving values

Midreshet Hagolan was established in 1980 to help youngsters, teens, and young adults achieve success and self-fulfillment through unique educational programs and frameworks. Hundreds of youths from all over Israel attend our institutions and participate in our programs.

Our guiding principles — love of the Torah, love of people, and love of country — lie at the heart of our six successful educational institutions.

Our entire educational environment embodies a philosophy that is based on love, empowerment, and self-fulfillment. Our institutions are directed and staffed by devoted, highly motivated professionals. Our staff members view their work as a true social vocation, one that is focused on leading teenagers toward personal development through “educating to excellence.”

Employing more than 400 people from around the Golan Heights, Midreshet Hagolan is one of the area’s major employers. The spectacular surroundings of the Golan Heights contribute to the feeling of calm, serenity, and “rootedness.” Our institutions play a vital role in the communities of the area, and they further contribute to our students’ own sense of belonging.

Rabbi Igal Ariel, founder and chairman of Midreshet Hagolan, is the rabbi of the Golan Heights community of Nov.
A well-respected scholar, Rabbi Ariel is the author of a series of reference books and commentaries on the Bible and the Aggadah of the Sages.

Gabi Hemo has been CEO of Midreshet Hagolan since 1998.
He is also deputy head of the Golan Heights Regional Council and chairman of the Economic Development Committee promoting enterprise in the Golan Heights, which includes several industrial parks, the Golan tourism association, agricultural R&D, and an employment center. He lives on Moshav Ramat Magshimim.