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Yacov Crawford Zobel

Chairman & International Managing Partner T-KG
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With a current focus on social entrepreneurship, Yacov continues to apply one of his founding tenants: sustainable impact through community engagement, both personally and in business. This is exemplified through years of volunteer work and mentoring in underprivileged communities. “All of our staff at T-KG personally give both time and money to those in need.”

Yacov founded T-KG at age 17 with a focus on societal impact and social return on investment. In its initial stages, T-KG clientele consisted of foundations/family offices, NGOs and the government. Always touting the importance of including key stake holders and in building broad coalitions spanning the public/private divide, T-KG gradually moved into servicing large corporations. Since that time, and thanks to the support and partnership of his wife and business partner Stephanie Zobel de Sarachaga, T-KG has expanded internationally. Yacov recently recognized the need for a new form of sustainable investment that includes impact oriented opportunities in both private companies and NGOs and thus expanding his current social investment efforts.

Yacov has diversified his community involvement over the years to include packing meals for persons who are ill and home bound with AIDS, working as a medic, firefighter and police officer. When he is not traveling for business or charity, Yacov enjoys training for charity-runs and amateur running competitions.

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