Who We Are


Photo of Jonny Cline
Jonny Cline

Jonny Cline founded UK Toremet Ltd in 2010 in order to fill a void in the skyline of the international and local philanthropic scenery.

With over 15 years of public sector and social sector management experience, Jonny took the plunge to fix just a little of what was wrong in order to make the future a little more fun.

Jonny was born in Manchester and moved to Israel at the age of 18.

Having studied psychology and sociology/anthropology at Bar Ilan University, Jonny worked in organisational development in the hi-tech industry before moving to the public sector and then to the 3rd sector.

Jonny has served as the senior emissary of the Jewish Agency to Western Canada, CEO of the World Union of Jewish Students, and Director of Development for organisations including the Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Center.

Jonny lives in Modiin with his wife and three children, and commutes frequently to be “on the ground” in England.



Photo of Robert Cline MA (Cantab)
Robert Cline MA (Cantab)
Barrister Atlantic Chambers, Liverpool
Photo of Jeremy M Ross
Jeremy M Ross
Owner UniverCell (UK)


Advisory Board

Photo of Yacov Crawford Zobel
Yacov Crawford Zobel
Chairman & International Managing Partner T-KG

With a current focus on social entrepreneurship, Yacov continues to apply one of his founding tenants: sustainable impact through community engagement, both personally and in business. This is exemplified through years of volunteer work and mentoring in underprivileged communities. “All of our staff at T-KG personally give both time and money to those in need.”

Yacov founded T-KG at age 17 with a focus on societal impact and social return on investment. In its initial stages, T-KG clientele consisted of foundations/family offices, NGOs and the government. Always touting the importance of including key stake holders and in building broad coalitions spanning the public/private divide, T-KG gradually moved into servicing large corporations. Since that time, and thanks to the support and partnership of his wife and business partner Stephanie Zobel de Sarachaga, T-KG has expanded internationally. Yacov recently recognized the need for a new form of sustainable investment that includes impact oriented opportunities in both private companies and NGOs and thus expanding his current social investment efforts.

Yacov has diversified his community involvement over the years to include packing meals for persons who are ill and home bound with AIDS, working as a medic, firefighter and police officer. When he is not traveling for business or charity, Yacov enjoys training for charity-runs and amateur running competitions.

Photo of Roberta d’Eustachio
Roberta d’Eustachio
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Ambassadors for Philanthropy

Roberta d’Eustachio (Rd’E) is an entrepreneur obsessed with delivering media from the philanthropists point of view. That desire led to founding The American Benefactor, the first consumer magazine for philanthropists as well as the ongoing evolution of Giving Magazine, a hard-copy and iPad publication in development and now a cornerstone of the AmbassadorsForPhilanthropy.com website.
As a philanthropic advisor, Rd’E has consulted with leading global brands, including The Economist, the Financial Times and The World Bank as well as philanthropists, social enterprises and non-profits around the world.

In addition to her work as the leader of the Ambassadors website, Rd’E is the chief of staff to the British government’s founding Ambassador for Philanthropy, Dame Stephanie Shirley.

Photo of Michael Shenker
Michael Shenker
Partner Shenkers LLP

Qualified with a ten- partner firm in 1979 and then spent four years in the tax department at the London Office of Touche Ross (now Deloittes), Michael is head of tax and business advice in the firm.

Photo of Reva Shenker
Reva Shenker
Partner Shenkers LLP
Photo of Philippe J Weil
Philippe J Weil
Founder & Managing Director PJ Weil – The Family Wealth Management Company

Philippe began his career in the financial service industry 25 years ago as an apprentice at Bank Julius Baer in Zurich .In 2001 Philippe left Union Bank to launch his own firm, P.J.Weil Ltd. – Individual Wealth Management and Consulting. In 2003 he established his second company, P.J. Weil Trust (2003) Ltd., and in 2005, founded Belsito Asset Management Ltd. in partnership with Liz Moradov. Today Philippe is actively running this Multi-Family Boutique functioning as Director, Trustee, Board Member, Wealth Manager, Consultant and “Personne de Confiance” to a number of globally selected families of wealth.

Photo of Stephanie Zobel de Sarachaga
Stephanie Zobel de Sarachaga
Chief Operating Officer T-KG

Together with her husband, Yacov Crawford Zobel, Stephanie strives to achieve societal change, both through their management consulting company T-KG and more recently through their investment fund. Her years of experience in legal and corporate communications, international NGO’s and the music industry have strengthened T-KG with sustainable impact and unprecedented growth.

Stephanie leads the family’s foundation and is often seen at the forefront of fashion and culture throughout the region. Her support for social entrepreneurship is exemplified through her assistance to young and up-and-coming artists & designers and mentoring young minority women intent on pursuing their dreams. “Empowering those dedicated to societal change is a life focus.” Stephanie’s efforts illustrate her belief that society, organizations and government must be interdependent and reciprocal in order to achieve positive and sustainable transformation.

When she is not traveling for business or charity, Stephanie enjoys pursuing her love for fashion.