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ELEM – Youth in Distress

ELEM was founded in 1981 by a group of volunteers from Israel and the United States in order to help youth-at–risk become productive citizens, contributing to the society and the nation. Over the years ELEM expanded its programs for youth at risk, advancing the following activities: • Developing as a […]

Beit Moriah Beer Sheva

Strengthening the Community of Be’er Sheva from Within     Over twenty years ago, Beit Moriah set out on a singular challenge: to develop a cadre of local leadership that would spearhead an inherent transformation in education, social welfare and the promotion of Jewish values in Be’er Sheva. The premise was […]


Founded in 1987, ACHY (The Unity of Israeli Society) set out with it’s mission: to provide educational opportunities for under-privileged groups and individuals in Israel.  Groups we serve include young females of the Ethiopian community (project “A Second Chance”), near high-school dropouts (project “Achy Tihonim”), and young children referred by the welfare services (project “Makom Balev […]