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Darchei Shalom Educational Center

Darchei Shalom DARCHEI SHALOM, FOUNDED IN 1989 IS A THERAPEUTIC BOARDING SCHOOL FOR 60 BOYS LOCATED IN THE OUTSKIRTS OF JERUSALEM Darchei Shalom, founded in 1989 is a therapeutic Boarding School for 60 boys located in the outskirts of Jerusalem. Departments of social services throughout the country refer children of […]

Yad Leyadid Bagalil

  Yad Leyadid, a voluntary organization based in Tzfat, which strives to improve the lives of sick and impoverished individuals and families. We help close to 5000 people every year through hospital visits, assistance to new mothers, medical equipment loans, emergency funds and food baskets to families in need.  Our […]

Kfar Hassidim Youth Village

Located near Haifa, at the eastern base of the Carmel Mountain, Kfar Hassidim Youth Village addresses special needs of teenage immigrants and at-risk Israeli teenagers, providing them with a junior high school and high school education and a second home. Extracurricular activities, after school programs, therapeutic support, and professional training […]


ELIYA – General Information Organization background For the past thirty years, ELIYA has been the leading organization operating unique programs for blind and visually impaired children and their families throughout Israel. As a result of its professional experience and achievements, Eliya is now considered a leading center of its kind in […]

Matnat Chaim

Welcome to the Matnat Chaim organization! The goal of Matnat Chaim – volunteers for kidney transplantation – is to encourage voluntary kidney donation and to make contact with potential matching recipients. All donations are purely voluntary – this is termed “altruistic” kidney donation. We also make every effort to simplify and shorten […]