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Bekol, established in 1997, is a unique self-help association founded and directed by people with hearing loss. Bekol is the only organization in Israel that works to integrate hard-of-hearing adults (ages 18 and up) into the general society by addressing problems of legislation, accessibility, work, etc. The Board of Trustees […]

Tikkun – A Centre for Gathering, Education and Social Change

Tikkun’s Vision: Israeli society interwoven with circles of partnership, responsibility and social justice. Tikkun – A Centre for Gathering, Education and Social Change (Registered Israeli Charity 580334779) is building a nationwide movement of activist communities and educational social justice projects in the socio-economic and geographic periphery of Israel. We are […]

College of Management

    The College of Management – Academic Studies (COMAS) is the first and largest college in Israel. As an educator of well over 11,000 students and over 40,000 graduates, our influence in Israel is great. COMAS educates young Israelis to become first-class professionals in: accounting, management, taxation, law, the media, […]

Birthday Angels

  Birthday Angels designs and runs educational interventions and programs that develop different levels of human motivation that correspond to Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs:   The first level, at the bottom of the pyramid, consists of our short-term basic needs, also known as physiological needs: food, water, warmth, sex. The […]