Yearly Archives: 2012

Jonny Cline

Jonny Cline founded UK Toremet Ltd in 2010 in order to fill a void in the skyline of the international and local philanthropic scenery. With over 15 years of public sector and social sector management experience, Jonny took the plunge to fix just a little of what was wrong in […]

“Lapid – Afikei Da’at” Sderot Hesder Yeshiva

  The Sderot Hesder Institutions’  three branches comprise Israel’s largest Hesder Yeshiva with 700 students. Headed by Rabbi David Fendel, originally from the United States, the Yeshiva’s heroic stand under fire – in the IDF and in its tireless devotion to the community during the waves of missile attacks, has had a fundamental […]

Responding in an Emergency

  UK Toremet launched an Emergency Appeal in the early days of Operation Pillar of Cloud in November 2012. When over 1 million Israelis found themselves returning to living in shelters under rocket attack from Gaza, UK donors were invited to alleviate their distress by making donations to charities of […]

Let the Animals Live

“LET THE ANIMALS LIVE” We are the animals’ voice in ISRAEL The Let the Animals Live association was founded in 1986 and is a non-profit organization which has set itself the goal of providing help to distressed animals, rehabilitating them and finding them adoptive homes. Our vision is:The State of […]


Bekol, established in 1997, is a unique self-help association founded and directed by people with hearing loss. Bekol is the only organization in Israel that works to integrate hard-of-hearing adults (ages 18 and up) into the general society by addressing problems of legislation, accessibility, work, etc. The Board of Trustees […]

Tikkun – A Centre for Gathering, Education and Social Change

Tikkun’s Vision: Israeli society interwoven with circles of partnership, responsibility and social justice. Tikkun – A Centre for Gathering, Education and Social Change (Registered Israeli Charity 580334779) is building a nationwide movement of activist communities and educational social justice projects in the socio-economic and geographic periphery of Israel. We are […]