Daily Archives: July 16, 2010

Beth David Institute – Center for Deaf-Blind Persons

The Center for Deaf-Blind Persons is Israel’s first and only center serving the estimated 1200 Israelis who have the dual disability of deaf-blindness. Deaf-blind people require extensive services tailored to their special needs, as they are able to benefit only partially from services offered by organizations just for the deaf or […]

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel

Established in 1972, ACRI is Israel’s oldest and largest human rights organization and the only one dealing with the entire spectrum of rights and civil liberties issues in Israel and the Occupied Territories. An independent and non-partisan organization, ACRI’s mandate is to ensure Israel’s accountability and respect for human rights, […]

Rabbis for Human Rights

Rabbis for Human Rights is the only rabbinic organization in Israel today that speaks about human rights in the voice of the Jewish tradition. The organization was founded in 1988, and today has over 100 members- ordained rabbis and rabbinical students.   Rabbis for Human Rights as an organization is not aligned […]

Peace Now

Peace Now is the leading voice of Israeli public pressure for peace.   We support the right of Israel to exist within secure borders and the right of our neighbors to do the same. We advocate for a politically-negotiated 2-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We believe that Israel’s unique status as a […]

Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center

JRCC History & Description: The JRCC is a non-profit feminist organization which provides emotional support, legal aid & accompaniment to victims of sexual assault in Jerusalem and the peripheries, as well as promoting education, social action and social justice. The Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center was founded in 1981, in memory […]